I am a 31 year-old newlywed who looks forward to having children one day.  I'm a bit behind most of our friends in this phase of life, since I think I might be one of the few left who hasn't had a kid yet.  However, watching my friends embark on this journey has given me lots of opportunities to ponder on what my own methodology to parenthood will be.  So, I decided to write down all of my ruminations on what I think I will or won't do when it comes to raising a child.  I'm sure my naivety will make my friends in the trenches laugh, scoff, or reminisce on a time in their lives when they too shared the same pre-parental ignorance.

But who knows?  Maybe I might get some things right!  Time will certainly tell, as I plan to keep this up for the long haul and once I do have kids, reflect back on what I said before: where I was right, where I was wrong, and where I was just plain stupid!  I'm sure there will be lots of crow to eat or maybe I will get to validate my innate "mother's intuition."

I can say one thing for now, When I have kids... I will have a record of all the best intentions in which I had in bringing them into this world.


I am not a complete fool.  I know how personally people take their own methods, ideals, and values about raising a family.  This blog is about my own personal musings and if my ideas conflict with yours, please try not to take it too personally.  It's okay to have different opinions and I sincerely welcome yours.  However, offensive or rude comments will be deleted.  Keep it classy, people.